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Let’s Talk Thanksgiving Turkey

Buying a turkey for your holiday dinner can be confusing. We’ll answer the most important (and common) questions below about what you are getting.


Tom Turkey or Hen?

This depends on how many people you are inviting. Hen turkeys range from 8lbs. up to 18lbs. Toms range from 18lbs. up to 30lbs. The main difference is bone structure, there is more meat on a hen, versus a tom. As for the cooking differences, there are little, if any.


How Much? (click our chart below to download a copy).

Our recommendation is 2lbs. per adult (less for kids) to have moderate leftovers.


What Brand?

We suggest a Grade A, not injected or pumped, fresh not previously frozen then thawed to make “fresh” again turkey. Beware of the .29, .39, and .59 cent per pound turkeys, they may be cheap, but paying per pound for injected water, phosphates or salt add up on cost and decrease taste, and do not affect tenderness or moistness as claimed. We offer our premixed brine seasoning to enhance flavor and help with tenderness and moistness.


We at Butler Meats offer only Grade A turkeys that have never been injected with anything. You’ll find that our turkey will be the best you can find on the market – paired with our premixed brine mixture you’ll have the best turkey for your holiday dinners!


Call today to order your fresh non-injected turkey! 775-883-0211


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